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We send regular newsletters regarding recent updates on

Kentucky Workers' Compensation law and regulations along with

interesting case summaries written by our esteemed attorneys

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February 2024

This newsletter discusses some of the new judge changes along with two very interesting case summary. The first one touches on average weekly wage while the second one focuses on the 45-day rule.

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September 2023

This newsletter has three important case summaries all with the theme of "narcotics", which has become extremely relevant in workers' compensation claims.

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December 2022

This newsletter touches on some things to look out for in the new year including a proposed utilization review regulation. It also contains an insightful case summary about psychological contains of a claimant.

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September 2022

This newsletter discusses the new benefits schedule for 2023. It also contains a case summary about degenerative conditions and a case summary that stresses the importance of getting as many medical records you can as quickly as you can.

August 2022.PNG

August 2022

This newsletter discusses the new workers' compensation medical fees schedule for physicians. There are also two case summaries that discuss Kentucky Rules of Evidence.

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