Every month we send out a newsletter regarding recent updates on

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June 2022 newsletter.PNG

June 2022

This newsletter includes updates in Kentucky workers' compensation including information about the new Commissioner of the Department for Workers' Claims. The newsletter also has two case summaries with very important key takeaways. 

March 2022.PNG

March 2022

This newsletter discusses how hearings can now be in person along with the bills being proposed that could affect Kentucky Workers' Compensation. Also, there are two case summaries.


January 2022

This newsletter provides updates on Kentucky Workers' Compensation including the mediation program and the Covid hearing regulations. There are also two case summaries regarding cumulative trauma and giving notice.


November 2021

This newsletter gives brief updates in Kentucky Workers' Compensation including information about the 2022 yearly order for the lump sum settlement discount rate. Also, there are three case summaries regarding TTD, the importance of treating physicians and the AMA guides.

October 2021.PNG

October 2021

This newsletter describes new developments in Kentucky Workers' compensation including news about the COVID-19 emergency regulation and the appointments of judges. There are also two case summaries that you do not want to miss.