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We Represent Creditors and Suppliers in Both State Court Collections and Bankruptcy Proceedings

Armstrong and Peake, PLLC represents the rights of secured and unsecured creditors, suppliers, asset purchasers, and others in State Courts and bankruptcy proceedings. We have successfully represented small businesses and suppliers pre-litigation and during State court litigation. Our clients look forward to advice and counsel regarding how to effectively regain property in a bankruptcy proceeding without running afoul of the Bankruptcy Court.

Filing your proof of claim in Bankruptcy Court: In Bankruptcy Court, creditors must file a proof of claim to be able to receive any distribution from the bankruptcy debtor's estate. We can help you prepare and file the Proof of Claim and ensure compliance with bankruptcy court guidelines.

Getting relief from the automatic stay in Bankruptcy Court: When a debtor files a bankruptcy proceeding, federal law immediately puts in place an automatic stay on collection activities and lawsuits. We help to protect creditors, lenders, landlords and secured creditors collateral that the debtor has possession of during the bankruptcy case. We can help secured creditors obtain relief from the automatic stay in order to protect their rights.

Collections: We have represented suppliers of goods and services over the years in collection matters. A typical matter arises when you as the supplier of credit and goods to a contractor, a pharmacy, a doctor, or some other business and they do not pay you back. The reason can be that they are insolvent, or it could be any number of other reasons, i.e. bad business practices.

In other words, the person that you extended credit to may have breached the contract. Which could include:

  • Not being paid after you lived up to your end of the bargain.

  • Not receiving a product or service that you paid for under the contract.

  • A commercial tenant who refuses to pay rent on time or vacate the property at the end of the lease.

Let us help you!

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